(FMI/OC) currently manufactures custom ceramic tile billets. The ceramic tile billets are manufactured to meet NASA Ames specification and are available in various densities and compositions. FMI/OC also manufactures ceramic materials to customer specifications.
The ceramic tile manufactured is licensed by NASA under the Space Act Agreement. Please note, our FMI-OCTB formula has not been flight tested.

Typical AETB 10lb to 16lb Density Ceramic Tile Billets

Typical OCTB 10lb to 22lb Density Ceramic Tile Billets

Typical FRCI 10lb to 16lb Density Ceramic Tile Billets

• Extremely low thermal conductivity
• Range of densities available 10lb to 22lb
• Resistant to thermal shock
• Low thermal expansion
• Low dielectric constant
• Multiple billet sizes available
• Can be densified and coated with a variety of durability hardness coating materials and waterproofing


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